The WPMA Code of Ethics

WPMA and its members are committed to promoting the highest standards of customer service, workmanship and business conduct.

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Waffle Pod Manufacturers of Australia (WPMA) is the national industry association, the peak body representing the manufacturers and distributors of expanded polystyrene (EPS) waffle pods across Australia.

WPMA and its members are committed to promoting the highest standards of customer service, workmanship and business conduct, and full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards. In order to do that, WPMA has developed this Code of Ethics, to apply throughout Australia, to ensure that the same high standards of conduct shall be observed by all its members in their dealings with each other, suppliers, customers and with the public.

All members of WPMA have agreed to be bound by the Code of Ethics under which they shall at all times conduct their business so as to:

1.  Conducting business in free and fair competition. Disparaging or untrue comments about other members business, products, services, etc.… will not be accepted.
2.  Avoiding any action which could bring the WPMA, its members or the waffle pod industry into disrepute.
3.  Providing products and services with value, honesty, integrity and fairness to the market.
4.  Ensuring that a standard of quality is maintained and supplied to the customer, in a manner that will enhance the reputation of the industry.
5.  Ensuring that all goods and services they provide are delivered upon as advertised and that all claims are genuine.

To whom does this Code apply?

This Code of Ethics applies to members of WPMA. It is the duty of every member to comply with this code and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their associates and employees do not commit any act or make any omission which would be a breach of this Code if committed by the member.

The Aims and Objectives of this Code

This code applies to dealings by members with fellow members, suppliers, customers and with the public generally.

This Code aims to –

a)  Promote the highest standards of customer service competence, workmanship and conduct by members in the EPS Waffle Pod industry;
b)  Establish a simple and effective complaints handling and disputes resolution procedure, with appropriate sanctions for breaches of this Code;
c)  Through responsible self-regulation, complement and enhance existing laws and codes governing members; and
d)  Strengthen the industry standing of WPMA members by assuring customers and suppliers that they have the right to expect the highest standards at all times.


All members of WPMA have agreed to be bound by this WPMA Code of Ethics, under which they shall at all times conduct their business so as to –

a)  provide products and services with competence, fairness, value, honesty and integrity;
b)  ensure that all products and services they provide are delivered as advertised, and that all claims made are genuine;
c)  ensure that standards of workmanship are provided as promised to the customer, in accordance with appropriate industry practice for the class of work concerned, and in a manner which shall enhance the reputation of the industry;
d)  use their best endeavours to ensure compliance with the Code by all partners, associates, employees and contractors, to the extent that the Code applies to them; and
e)  avoid any action which might bring WPMA and its members into disrepute.

Relations between members

Members believe that the individual success of other members benefits WPMA as an industry body and, in turn, aids each members through their association with WPMA. Therefore, members shall –

a) seek to promote the goals of WPMA by adhering to the principles in this Code and providing mutual support and assistance to other members bound by this Code; and
b) at all times conduct their business in free and fair competition, and refrain from making any misleading or untrue statements about other members or their products.

Best Practise

WPMA may publish for the guidance of its member’s details of what it considers to be appropriate standards of conduct, service, workmanship, best practice and ethical dealing in particular areas.


a) Any consumer, Member or other person who believes that have a complaint against a WPMA Member in connection with their conduct may ask WPMA to deal with the complaint under this Code of Ethics. b) Unless satisfied that the complaint is not a genuine one, or is trivial or vexatious, WPMA shall attempt to resolve the complaint informally, including by reference to independent mediation if appropriate.
c) If WPMA is unable to resolve such a complaint, it shall refer the complaint to an independent Complaints Committee for decision.
d) The Complaints Committee shall consider the complaint in a fair and proper manner in accordance with detailed complaints procedures adopted by WPMA under this Code [Attachment 1].
e) The Complaints Committee, if it finds that a Member is in breach of this Code, may recommend to the Board of WPMA they take disciplinary action against the Member, including cautioning, reprimanding, suspending or expulsion of the member (under clause 13.2a.)

Code Administration

This Code is administered by the Board of WPMA, subject to the Rules of Association of WPMA. The WPMA Board shall –

a) Keep this Code under review to ensure that it is achieving its stated objectives;b) If necessary, and after due consultation with interested bodies, implement any changes to this Code which appear desirable;
c) Report on the performance of this Code, as measured by appropriate indicators developed by the Board;
d) Provide guidance and assistance to members in developing appropriate internal mechanisms to facilitate the members continuous compliance with this Code;
e) May convene a Codes Administration Sub-committee for this purpose.


WPMA shall make every effort to ensure that the benefits and obligations of this Code are known as widely as possible, both among its members and their staff, and with the public generally. WPMA shall co-operate with other bodies. Including the ACCC and Departments of Fair Trading, in dealing with matters arising under this Code.

WPMA welcomes comment on this Code and its operation. WPMA is committed to ongoing improvement of and consultation about this Code with interested public and private bodies.

Any correspondence should be sent by mail to:

Attachment to WPMA Code of Ethics
WPMA Complaints Procedures and Rules for Member Discipline
1. The WPMA Board shall convene a Complaints Committee as required.

2. A Complaints Committee will consist of –

a)  An WPMA Board Member, and
b)  Two relevant WPMA sector group members, appointed by the WPMA Board.

 3. The Complaints Committee shall from among the members elect a person to Chair the Committee, who shall appoint a person to be Secretary.

 4. Where a complaint (other than a complaint which in the opinion of the Chairman is not genuine, or is trivial or vexatious) is made against a member, and WPMA has not been able to resolve the complaint informally, the Chairman shall refer the matter to the Complaints Committee. The Complaints Committee shall inquire into the substance of any complaint referred to it, with the opportunity for all parties to participate in the process

5. The Complaints Committee, if it finds that a member has acted contrary to the WPMA Code of Ethics, may recommend any of the following to the WPMA Board:-

a)  Caution the member;
b)  Reprimand the member
c)  Seek and obtain undertakings from the member in relation to future conduct;
d)  Suspend the membership of the member, on such terms and for such period as it thinks appropriate;
Terminate the membership of the member;

6. Where the Complaints Committee makes a recommendation to the WPMA Board of termination of the member, this matter will be considered at the next meeting of the Board and shall be notified to the member in writing.

7. Where the complaints Committee suspends a member, WPMA will give effect to the suspension in accordance with its terms.

The Complainant will be advised in writing by the Executive Director of the outcome of his or her complaint when a decision has been made by the WPMA Board.

WPMA Member Messages

Our company is a big supporter of the WPMA and believes it will play an important part in the continued development of our dynamic industry.

Peter Sheehan

The organisation is a great idea and will further the industry for the better. We look forward to active participation in the group going forward.

Jay Potter

As our industry grows rapidly and the customer realises the benefits of waffle pod technology, it is important to keep up a standard of excellence in our industry.

Ben Livingstone

Proud to be part of the WPMA and all that it stands for - this will be great for the industry as a whole and look forward to seeing where we can take it.

Tony Samuals

We believe that the WPMA is an integral part of the waffle pod industry - it is important the consumer has confidence in their supplier and WPMA goes a long way in inspiring this confidence.

Frank Sena

We believe that the WPMA is an integral part of the Waffle Pod industry - it is important the consumer has confidence in their supplier and WPMA goes a long way in inspiring this confidence.

Jason Roberts

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