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Waste Collection  Procedure:
Builder/Concreter responsibilities Waffle Pod Scrap building sites

Please ensure the following procedures are strictly adhered to on all building sites.

Site clean up of building sites is the sole responsibility of the Builder/Concreter

1/ Only clean recyclable E.P.S pod scrap is to be placed in bags provided. Contaminated bags will be left onsite, examples are concrete splatter, rocks, strapping, cans, steel offcuts etc.

2/ All bags are sealed with poly strapping provided.( strapping from pod bundles )

3/ Tie all bags together and then secure to a solid item onsite using strapping provided.

4/ Place leftover full pods next to scrap bags, secure with strapping to a solid item onsite
Contaminated pods with concrete splatter, heavily soiled etc will be left onsite.

5/ Examples of solid items onsite are fences, trees, posts etc.
Please do not secure with steel mesh etc or place in cages or skip bins on site for OHS reasons.

6/ Secure all items in 1 location preferably at the front of the worksite. Must be visible from road.

If the above procedures are adhered to scrap collections will be completed in a timely manner as agreed.
If the scrap is not all bagged and secured in one location photographic evidence will be provided showing non-compliance and scrap will not be removed from site.

All return visits to site to retrieve pods or scrap bags standard site charges apply.

The WPMA Inc is committed to recovering and recycling all waste Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) scrap that has been removed from building sites.  All of the recovered EPS waste is remoulded into waffle pods, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment.  Unfortunately, during the recycling process we are only able to process clean EPS, any waste that is contaminated with mud and concrete cannot be recycled. Polypropylene strapping, buckles, black plastic and cardboard cores are not recyclable in our process. During the recycling process the operator places the scrap EPS into a grinder that breaks down the polystyrene into small pieces at high speed. Should any contaminates, such as steel offcuts or rocks be placed into the grinder, significant damage will occur to the machine which will put it out of action for a significant period of time.

There is also the possibility that our grinder operator could be harmed in the process, if for example, polypropylene strapping (found in the bags of scrap) should wrap around his arm, severe injuries or a fatality could result.

In conclusion, the scrap bags collected from building sites should only contain clean EPS scrap and no other site waste such as concrete, rocks, bottles, tins, steel offcuts, shrink wrap, pod strapping, paint spray cans and food waste. Any contaminated waste bags will be left on site by our transporters for the reasons outlined above.

Scrap presentation

It is the concreter’s responsibility to ensure that all EPS waste is placed in the bags provided and then seal the bags with the strapping that the pods have been strapped with. All the scrap bags and the leftover pods must be placed in the front of the block secured with the strapping to an immovable object, ready for collection. For OHS reasons, (potential injuries to drivers) the scrap must not be weighed down with steel, lumps of concrete or other heavy/sharp objects.

It is not responsibility of members of The WPMA Inc to retrieve pod scrap that has blown around the estates; it is our responsibility to collect all waffle pods scrap from each site in a timely manner provided that it has been presented using the above methods, and as illustrated in the photograph below.

Current scrap collection system

Please consult with your supplier as to the process for booking in waste collections. If waste is not prepared when the collection is attempted, or it is contaminated, a failed waste attempt is recorded. Further fees may be applicable for the second attempt to collect waste. 

Requests for return visits to non-compliant sites will now incur our standard charges per delivery area.




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We are very excited to be part of the next phase of the Waffle Pod Industry in Australia. Look forward to working together to build a better industry.

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We believe that the WPMA is an integral part of the Waffle Pod industry - it is important the consumer has confidence in their supplier and WPMA goes a long way in inspiring this confidence.

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We believe that the WPMA is an integral part of the waffle pod industry - it is important the consumer has confidence in their supplier and WPMA goes a long way in inspiring this confidence.

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