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The Waffle Pod Manufacturers Australia was formed by a group of companies to bring acceptable standards to our specialised manufacturing industry.

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Why use waffle pods from a member of the "Waffle Pod Manufacturers of Australia Inc.?"

Waffle Pod Manufacturers of Australia was formed by a group of companies to bring acceptable standards to our specialised manufacturing industry.

The Association developed as a result of a lack of industry representation. There were insufficient industry standards to abide by, which results in poor quality product going to market and a general lack of customer focus. This obviously can severely impact the end user. The damage to the industry, due to the manufacturers taking short cuts, has been substantial. We recognised that the market was being serviced with cheap and inferior product along with low levels of customer service. 

WPMA was formed in 2015 and has, since its inception, enlisted members along the eastern seaboard of Australia to become the peak industry body, identifying gaps in the industry and working on closing those gaps. WPMA will continue to consult with customers, local industry, councils and the general public to further enhance industry and end user satisfaction. 

WPMA are targeting:
  • More effective recycling processes.
  • Processing more EPS waste from industry and the community. 
  • Providing the end user with safer products and installation processes. 
  • Minimising end user costs.
Why purchase waffle pods from members of WPMA?
  • Industry specific manufacturers.
  • Quality control across the group of manufacturers, to association standards.
  • Focused on customer service standards.
  • Focused on recycling and minimising the impact on environment.
  • Member network Australia wide.
  • Our customers are offered complete delivery / site securing / scrap collection solutions.

WPMA Member Messages

The organisation is a great idea and will further the industry for the better. We look forward to active participation in the group going forward.

Jay Potter

We are very excited to be part of the next phase of the Waffle Pod Industry in Australia. Look forward to working together to build a better industry.

Brian Tierney

As our industry grows rapidly and the customer realises the benefits of waffle pod technology, it is important to keep up a standard of excellence in our industry.

Ben Livingstone

We look forward to increasing the profile of waffle pod technology and getting the message out there. Working together to demonstrate the benefits of this technology can only be a good thing.

Ridwan Wijaya

We believe that the WPMA is an integral part of the Waffle Pod industry - it is important the consumer has confidence in their supplier and WPMA goes a long way in inspiring this confidence.

Jason Roberts

Proud to be part of the WPMA and all that it stands for - this will be great for the industry as a whole and look forward to seeing where we can take it.

Tony Samuals

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